VEGAN wax 3 pack - preorder
VEGAN wax 3 pack - preorder

VEGAN wax 3 pack - preorder

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I’m so happy to be able to offer vegans a 100% plant based wax wrap. These vegan wraps perform just as well as their beeswax bothers without using any GMO’s, paraffins, carnauba or palm oil/wax. 

While they can perform like beeswax wraps, there are some obvious differences you will notice as soon as you pick them up. The plant wax used is quite brittle by nature and it is difficult to replicate the sticky yet flexible traits that beeswax have. 

The vegan wraps are sticky and flexible but they take a bit more time to warm up to activate the stickiness. Right before I was my wraps before their first use, I like to scrunch the whole wrap up. Pretend you’re crumpling up a piece of paper, don’t ball it up too tight tho. Doing this will help make the wraps feel less brittle. 

Washing and care is the same as beeswax wraps; no hot water, keep the wraps away from heat sources and do not use them for raw meat or fish. 

The 3 pack comes with a large (13"x13") medium (10"x10") small (7"x7") wrap.