Care and Cleaning

Cleaning and caring for your wrap is so simple.

To clean your wrap; hand wash with cold water and a mild dish soap as needed. Let it air dry or blot gently with a tea towel or other lint free fabric. Store then in a clean and dry place. 

It is important to keep the wraps away from any kind of heat source, meaning do not use hot/warm water to wash them. Do not put them in the dishwasher or microwave. Be sure whatever your wrapping has cooled down to about room temperature. 

Lines will appear on the wraps the more you use them, this does not affect the performance at all, it's purely cosmetic.

While beeswax wraps are good for wrapping a variety of food, there are some things that should never go in a wax wrap. Raw meat and fish are not suitable foods because you need to wash them with hot soapy water, and heat is not a good thing for the wraps.